Artists Caught by Umeå

Artists Caught by [Umeå] is one of the biggest non-commercial art competitions in Europe in the fields photo, film and design in 2013. It is a key activity of Umeå year of European Capital of Culture 2014. Creative people all over the world was invited to be inspired and interpret Umeå and northern Sweden. In our Digital Exhibition you can see all entries to the competition, and here you can view all of our finalists submissions.

Artists Caught by Umeå and the subsequent Caught by Umeå tour was an initiative to celebrate Umeå being European Capital of Culture 2014. “Co-creation” is the key word in Umeå2014’s capital of culture initiative. That is why Umeå reached out to invite all of Europe to participate in forming Umeå2014 in a way that no other capital of culture has ever done before. That is why the Artists Caught by Umeå competition was created. That is why Umeå took it’s trailblazing city on the Caught by Umeå tour of 7 European cities.

Read more about the Competition & Tour here and visit the Umeå2014 homepage to stay updated on what’s happening throughout the year as European Capital of Culture.

Our Caught by Umeå winners

More than 500 entries. 64 semi-finalists. 24 finalists. And then, on December 9 2013, our three Grand Finale winners were selected! We are more than proud to present the progressive artists that won the competition – Liset van Dommelen, Andrea Comalini and artist collective LITTLE IS KNOWN, made up of members Hanna Ferenc, Joanna Pruchnicka and Michalina Musielak.

Click on the pictures below to see our artists winning creations, and read more about the concepts and the jury motivations here.