Artists Caught by [Umeå]

glashuset23_390x390Artists Caught by [Umeå] is one of the biggest European non-commercial photo, film and design competitions in 2013. It is a key activity of Umeå2014 – the European Capital of Culture 2014 – hosted by the city of Umeå in northern Sweden. The art submitted and the artists is showcased in an online art exhibition as part of Umeå2014’s programme year and during a Europe-wide tour. Read more about Umeå2014 here.

In Umeå, located 600 kms north of Stockholm and 400 kms south of the Arctic Circle, progressive and dynamic cultural life is seen as a key to continued growth. It is a city with a rich cultural life that invites creative new ways of thinking and creating. In the Umeå area, the Sami, Europe’s only indigenous people, live near their roots and traditions. Get inspired about life in Umeå, northern Sweden, here.

Photo by: Håkan Göransson