Studio Acusticum

ACUSTICUM-358mindre1-695809_240x240_Bildcred-Studio-Acusticum-se_390X390 Welcome to the world of contrasts. In Piteå and Norrbotten we have seasons with major variations. The summer half of the year is bright with balmy nights and contrasts with winter’s cold and darkness. Piteå’s modern concert hall, Studio Acusticum, houses one of Scandinavia’s largest organs, 10 metres wide, 9.5 metres high with 9,000 pipes and 208 stops.
A unique instrument for the future of a music never before heard or seen, with traditional craftsmanship combined with new technology. The organ is the same contrast as nature itself with the Arctic Circle.

A bridge between traditional and modern organ sounds
What is novel is that the register moves, and rockers and buttons have been replaced by five LCD touchscreens. These can also be used as a music stand or to display a conductor, film or images of other musicians playing synchronously with Orgel Acusticum in another city, perhaps on the other side of the globe.

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Photo by: Studio Acusticum