The Tree Hotel

Treehotel_Fotograf-Fredrik-BromanA flying saucer floats 5 metres off the ground. No, it isn’t a 1950s sci-fi B-movie, it’s one of the rooms at the Tree Hotel, located in Harads, near the town of Luleå, in north-east Sweden. The names of the rooms here are very apt descriptions of what they look like, for example the UFO, Bird’s Nest and the Mirrorcube. They are all suspended (safely and securely) from living pine trees affording, dare we say it, a bird’s eye view of the forest valley and nearby Lule River. Some modern luxuries are sacrificed for the sake of the environment here, but perched above the trees in your Scandi-design ‘nest’ we don’t think you’ll notice

Nearby, and depending on season, you can avail of dog sledding, fishing, kayaking and Northern Lights spotting.

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Photo by: Peter Lundström, WDO –