Food in Northern Sweden

Culinary Academy in Swedish LaplandThe vast northern part of Sweden is a great source of characteristic produce and exciting culinary traditions. The cellar-aged goats’ cheeses from just a few, small farms in Jämtland and Härjedalen, with a unique character and taste from each particular cellar, can be found on the Slow Food Foundation’s biodiversity list, The Arc of Taste. The best-known and most reputable cheese is Västerbotten, from the region with the same name, a hard cow’s milk cheese with tiny holes and a granular texture, providing chefs with a wide variety of applications.

The cuisine of the Sámi people of Lapland is a gastronomic world of its own. One of their staple foods, suovas – meaning ‘smoked’ in English – is lightly salted and smoked reindeer meat usually served with deliciously dense unleavened bread and foraged lingonberries. The flavour is enhanced by cold-smoking in the traditional way in a kåta, a Sámi teepee, over an open fire.

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Photo by: Magnus Skoglöf/