Partners on tour

The Sámi Handicraft Foundation Sámi Duodji


The Sámi Handicraft foundation was established in1993 by the Sámi national organizations Svenska Samernas Riksförbund (SSR) and Same Ätnam. Doudji is artistic handicraft made by the Sámi, based on Sámi traditions, Sámi design, Sámi patterns and colours. The word duodji is also used as a mark of authentic Sámi handicraft. Learn more about by Sámi culture! Read more about the Sámi inspirers on tour with Caught by [Umeå] below, or read more here.

Fia Kaddik
Fia is a photographer that shoots the everyday life of the Sami and wants to convey the message that contemporary Sámi culture is alive and well.

Britta Marakatt Labba
Britta is a Sámi handicrafter, working through embroidery where she tells story about the everyday life, political reflections and the Sami culture and history.

Per Isak Juuso
Per Isak is a Sámi artisan who has spearheaded the progression of modern Sami handicraft (daidda duodji). His works are made of metal, wood, horn and textiles.

Erica Huuva Simma
Erica is a Sámi handicrafter working as a silversmith. She is combining the aesthetic of the Sami, modern elegance and natural element in the process of making.

Toril Johansen
Toril is the owner and Managing Director of Boden Bed & Breakfast in northern Sweden.

Tomas Colbengtson
Tomas is an artist working with fine prints, painting, sculpture and digital art. In his works he often refers to Sámi culture, asking questions about the cultural identity and existence Tomas explore images, colors and forms based from Sámi culture and the Nordic Scandinavian landscape.

Odd Levi Paulsen
Odd Levi is a Sámi filmmaker.


ICEHOTEL logotext

The first and largest hotel in the world built entirely from snow and ice. ICEHOTEL is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, in the remote village called Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden.

ICEHOTEL is built using only natural ice from the Torne River, and when it melts under the intense spring sun, the water returns to the river. During the winter season however, ICEHOTEL is a place full of activity and life and offers a wide range of activities such as a guided snowmobile safari, dog sled tour, northen light tours by airplane or ice driving by car.



Designlabland is a Design Laboratory in Swedish Lapland. It is a EU funded project that started 2007 with the aim to create win-win design cases between young creators, companies and organizations in Swedish Lapland.

With progressive design solutions, and a whole lot of passion, the project strengthens local industry, and supports young creators in their entrepreneurship. The long term goal is to create a platform for the Creative Industries in the north.

Umeå University


Umeå is the home of one of the largest universities in Sweden, with over 34,000 students. Here you find a combination of education and research in the fields of Medicine, Humanities, Science, Technology, Social Sciences and Art. Students apply from all over the world and each year the university accepts 750 exchange students from Europe and all across the globe. In the survey “International Student Barometer” exchange students rank Umeå University as number one in Sweden and number three in all of Europe.

Culture Trade is an initiative by Umeå University and their focus on creating a rich cultural life on campus. Artists from the Umeå region perform at a university in Europe and will bring back an artist to Umeå in 2014. Three Culture Trades have been made so far; Würzburg, Germany (2009), Winnipeg, Canada (2010) and Riga, Latvia (2012). During the Caught by [Umeå] tour there will be two more, in London and Amsterdam.

Guitars, The Muesum


Umeå is to become home to one of the world’s finest vintage guitar collections. It is the property and brainchild of twin brothers Sam- uel and Mikael Ahden who’ve both been collecting guitars for over forty years.  The collection of electric guitars and basses (some of which are valued at more than a SEK 1 million a piece) includes a Gibson, Les Paul Sunburst and Switchmaster, a 1950 Fender Broadcaster (similar previously owned by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour), a 1954 Fender Stratocaster and two Gibson Flying Vs and comprises over 500 pieces in total. Guitars, The Museum is set to open in February 2014



The event company Måltidsvision uses food and drinks in a unique and artistic way to present and enhance their message, helping companies and organizations to create affective events which inspire and leave an impression through the concept “storytelling by food”. Måltidsvision was founded in 2001 based upon the idea to lift the attention from the plate and focus on the whole experience. Their ambition is to create creative and unique dining experiences for all senses.

Hammock Sessions


Hammock Sessions is a music and video blog that brings the music life of Västerbotten outside Swedens’s boarders. Once a week, they upload a video to the webpage where an artist or a band performs a song from a hammock. Each recording takes place on a new spot; in the musicians’ kitchen, at the boat museum, by the stairs in the skating park or at the beach by the volleyball field. The artists talk about their relationship to the spot and share a musical memory. When published, the video reaches thousands of music lovers all over the world.